There are many sources on the Internet for learning about fintech, but there is one source that provides the latest guidance while inspiring viewers. It’s TED Talks, a library of short videos covering a variety of topics, such as education, banking, and creativity. To be a TED Talk speaker, you must be nominated and an expert in your field. Below are the top three TED Talks about fintech and how they influence our world.  


A Revolution in Banking is Coming ​by Tom Blomfield  

Blomfield is a fintech genius and the CEO of smartphone-based bank Monzo. In his talk, he shares insights on how fintech has yet to make an impact on banking. He discusses what the future of banking will look like once financial institutions provide access to data. 


A Vision for Truly Secure and Seamless Transactions ​ by Carey Kolaja 

Kolaja, former Vice President of Global Consumer Products at PayPal, passionately discusses the relationship between payment transactions and the technology that will drive change in the payment industry. She shares about the ways technology can make payments more secure, accessible and reliable — three things that are currently missing in payment transactions. She also offers potential uses of the new payment technology in the future.  


Fintech and Beyond: More than a Technology shift​ by Kai Ren

Ren is a true expert in fintech with experience in research. In this TED talk, he brings to light the multi-dimensions of fintech that have shifted our mindset in money management. He provides examples of how we all see money differently based on behavior. For example, when playing a game with his daughter, she asked where the “card” (credit card) is when given a wallet. During the same game, his son pulled out his toy cell phone to order groceries online. Ren believes that the next generation’s perception of money will be more than just a behavior change as it is now; it will be a lifestyle change.  


These are only a few of the TED Talks you can find on fintech. Each one brings a different view of fintech and its impact on the future. As fintech evolves, so will our behaviors. Before mobile payments, we paid for an item over the phone or in a brick-and-mortar store. We now have the convenience of pushing a few buttons on our cell phones to place an order. Fintech will continue to make processes (e.g. payment transactions) easier and faster, whether in financial institutions, law offices or hospitals.