Another way to learn more about cryptocurrency is to join a cryptocurrency association. These groups provide not only the latest information on the topic, but are also a voice for those involved with cryptocurrency, from miners to academics. There are not a lot of associations, but this will change has cryptocurrency and distributed technologies become more saturated in society. Below are a few associations to check out. 


American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (ABCA) — This association is based in Washington, D.C. (United States) and focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency. ABCA is a member-based organization dedicated to promoting the idea that cryptocurrency and blockchain (distributed technologies) can improve our markets and lead to more efficient delivery of services. ABCA efforts include outreach, education, research and advocacy work. 


United States Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association (USBCA) — This is another US-based advocacy group working towards the US acceptance and healthy regulation of blockchain (distributed technologies) and cryptocurrency. USBCA is a non-profit made up of leading companies and individuals in that represent city and state cryptocurrency assets and blockchain interests through events and education. They state their policy positions on taxation, advertising, patents and securities regulation. 


International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) — This group is committed to promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems while working to formalize market legal regulation and law initiatives. IDACB strives to protect the market from scams, fraud and unfair practices. It works to resolve the skills gap in blockchain technology. Plus, IDACB offers ICO verification, a crypto fund and a pitch school. 


Mexican Blockchain Association (MBA) — The goal of this group is to promote the possible uses of blockchain in the government and private sectors. MBA is made up of a number of prominent businesses, such as ConsenSys, BIVA and GBM, and focuses on Know-Your-Customer rules, regulations, fraud and money laundering. MBA seeks to make blockchain technology safe, transparent and efficient. 


Crypto Valley Association (CVA) — Based in Switzerland, CVA is focused on the growth, integrity and collaboration of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation with the support of the Switzerland government. This global organization seeks to connect blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well as provide job openings, policy recommendations, research, and conferences. 


These organizations strive to provide their members the latest practices and information on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Both blockchain and cryptocurrency are in their infancy and need to be organized and regulated for worldwide usage. There is no doubt that there will be more associations in 2020.