Cryptocurrency is fast becoming an accepted form of currency around the world. As more people are becoming interested in this revolutionary form of payment, more questions are being asked about it. Cryptocurrency experts and early adopters have become important sources of information, and one of the many tools they use to educate and share their learnings about cryptocurrency is TED Talks. You can learn a great deal from these videos that cover thousands of topics. Best of all, you can view them anytime on any device. When entering the world of cryptocurrency, whether to trade or mine, it is best to be completely informed. Below are a few of top TED talks on cryptocurrency:


How cryptocurrency can help startups get investment capital by Ashwini Anburajan — In this brief talk, Ashwini explains how she learned about using cryptocurrency to invest in startups and the value of ICOs. The venture capitalist system is outdated; it is not designed for today’s startups of various sizes. Ashwini explains how she learned about ICOs at an accelerator program. The idea that ICOs could expand the venture capital pool excited her. This talk is inspiring for those who want to use cryptocurrency to fund their startups. 


Blockchain and Crypto: Past, Present, and Future by Douglas Pepe — This talk does not focus on the technical but the historical context of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Douglas talks about how all bank ledgers can be traced back to Father Luca Pacioli, the father of modern accounting. He also gives examples of ledgers and how they are connected to blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is an informative and entertaining talk that is recommended to those learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency. 


How the blockchain is chaining money and business by Don Tapscott — For anyone who wants a simple yet detailed explanation of blockchain, this is the TED talk to view. Tapscott begins with the bold statement that “blockchain is the next generation of the internet.” He is not entirely wrong, as the internet stores and shares information like blockchain. Tapscott explains the issues of using the big banks and financial institutions in the management of money (e.g. transferring money). He also provides the benefits of blockchain and how blockchain will reshape the business landscape as well as how we view and use currency. 


As with any new product (or service), the more information available on it, the more people will better understand its value as well as place trust in it. The same can be said for cryptocurrency and blockchain. These TED talks provide valuable insights, which will help people become more comfortable with the idea of using cryptocurrency in everyday transactions like paying bills or even purchasing coffee.