Fintech has been around for quite some time. Essentially, it began with credit cards. They not only gave people a new option to make a payment but also introduced a new financial world. This convenience of buying on credit led the way to other methods of payment, such as gift cards and debit cards, as well as forms of payment (e.g. cryptocurrency). As a fintech company that advocates long-term everyday usability of cryptocurrency, Ducatus believes openness is a value that must be ingrained in any company that aims to make a difference in consumers’ lives. 


Today, banking has been reshaped with the presence of mobile banks and alternative lending. This open-minded thinking about financial services has launched numerous fintech firms around the world. They are creating fintech products that will soon touch every facet of our lives. Let’s take a look at some of the top fintech firms that are making way for new and significant ideas. 


  1. Finastra — Founded in 2017, Finastra was formed from Misys and D+H. It offers a number of solutions in financial services (e.g. retail banking) based on their open Fusion software architecture and cloud ecosystem. It is a pioneer in PaaS, SaaS, and Cloud. With over 1 billion in revenues and over 9,000 global customers, Finastra is changing the way its customers utilize financial services with their next-generation technology. 
  2. Stripe — This American company focuses on code rather than finance to provide solutions for internet businesses. Since 2010, Stripe has provided a payment platform with apps to help businesses get up and running, manage revenue and prevent fraud. Its cloud infrastructure offers solid security, reliability, and scalability. Some of the businesses they service include National Geographic, Amazon, and Zillow. The company is valued at $20 billion. 
  3. Oscar — For nearly a decade, this insurtech company has helped improve the healthcare industry by bringing technology and insurance together. It offers affordable individual, family and business plans as well as Medicare Advantage plans. Customers can navigate the healthcare system via virtual interactions and web and mobile apps. The goal of this company is to make healthcare transparent, simpler and intuitive. It has over 250,000 members and has an impressive list of investors, including Google Capital and Fidelity. 
  4. Avant — An online lending platform, Avant offers personal loans and credit cards. What is unique about this online lender is that it caters to the middle class as well as helps people build their credit with their credit cards. Avant has helped nearly 1 million get funding and over $5 billion borrowed. 


Fintech has revolutionized the financial services world, from lending to insurance. Fintech firms help businesses of all sizes grow as well as make customers’ lives easier with more banking options and faster transactions. They have added to the global economy and will continue to flourish as new technologies are created.